World of Warcraft Classic: How to Get to Thunder Bluff

of Warcraft is a return to what many people believe to be the best MMORPG of all time. With thousands of people logging (and queuing) into servers everyday, there’s a ton of nostalgia going around for the long lost days of vanilla WoW. World of Warcraft Classic is as close to the original 2004 game as possible, and that means there are a ton of 15-year-old characters and guilds coming back to life from their digital graves. But along with all the fun has come the realization that not everything is as easy as it is in 2019 WoW. Not only do players have to level the old, slow way, but they also have to do a LOT of walking.

While the old scenic World of Warcraft Classic roads might be great to travel down memory lane, no one wants to get lost; it’s already taking a ton of game time to get anywhere! Here’s a quick guide to help get a non-Tauren Horde character from their low-level starting areas to the Tauren city of Thunder , the cultural and economic epicenter of the Horde world.

The Undead have the longest route to get to Thunder Bluff. They will need to first get to across the sea, so players will have to find their way south to Undercity. Once inside, head north from the entrance to the zeppelin tower. The zeppelin on the west side of the tower is the one to Orgrimmar in Durotar, the starting area of orcs and trolls.

Orcs and trolls start in Durotar, but they start either in the south (trolls) or right in the middle (orcs). If a player is Undead, they’ll have to head south from Orgrimmar to Razor Hill. Trolls will have to head north to get there, while Orcs will already be there. Now for a lot of walking. If a player really puts their mind to it, they can make some WoW Classic gold and level along the way, though.

Once everyone is in Razor Hill, it’s time to head west. The road west from Razor Hill is the only bridge that crosses over the Southfury River. Once one hits Far Watch Post, follow the road southwest towards Crossroads. This area is a 10-20 zone, so low-level characters should do their best to avoid mobs or make your own WoW Classic guild and bring some friends along. The road south should lead players right to Camp Taurajo. This is the most dangerous area players will be walking through, so keep a wary eye out for level 20 enemies that will ruin progress. Make a hard right from Taurajo and head west over the mountains.

The critters here are in the 1-10 range, so don’t worry too much about getting wrecked by an overpowered mob. Walk northwest along the road to get to Bloodhoof Village and then over Stonebull Lake. The road should lead directly to the elevators that are the only way up to Thunder Bluff. As soon as players arrive, they’ll want to make sure to find the flight master. No one wants to make that long walk twice!

World of Warcraft Classic is available for PC and comes free with regular subscriptions. Players don’t even need to buy the newest expansion, Battle for Azeroth, to play.

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