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Now that your little bundle of joy is home, you’ll want to choose one of the best baby monitors to keep an eye on them. 

Any parent will tell you that finding a great baby monitor helps to relieve some of the worry that baby is safe and sound while napping in another room, or are otherwise not right by your side. Being able to see and hear your baby, even when you’re not right there with them, is a huge relief.

The best baby monitors these days also help you learn your child’s habits, such as when they are asleep and awake. Plus, you gain a little bit of freedom, so you can be away from your baby but also know they are within eye- and earshot. 

Baby cams and monitors have come a long way over the years. No longer do you have to try to see what’s happening in the grainy, thumbnail size screens of older models. New advances allow for high-definitely screens and ultra sensitive monitors.

And thanks to the introduction of smart cams in the home, the choice of the best baby monitors has also greatly expanded. While these aren’t dedicated baby cams, and you should always consider using them alongside – rather than as replacements for – a traditional baby monitor, they offer a viable solution rather than a substandard one. 

This buying guide has a number of suggestions that range from traditional baby cameras and monitors to smart home camera solutions. Each product in this guide has been tested with the help of one of TR’s honorary babies both in the day and the night, at long and short distance in a house, and even outside. 

Here’s our pick of best baby monitors and cameras to keep a watchful eye of your bundle of joy. 

Philips Avent uGrow Smart Baby monitor

A capable, easy to use smart baby cam

Privacy: SafeConnect technology | Extra monitoring: Humidity & temperature monitoring | Camera: 720p HD camera for day & night vision | Audio: Two-way sound and soothing lullabies

Easy to setup

Clear visuals

Medical advice lackluster

Occasional dropouts

Philips has a long history of supplying monitors and the uGrow smart monitor is top of the quality pile. Both in the dark and in the day the picture was crisp and detailed. Unlike other monitors, though, the picture comes through a dedicated app on your smartphone. 

This was simple to install and does make sense considering that you are more likely to have a phone or tablet on you than remembering to take a separate monitor with you wherever you are in the house, The app also comes with some choice medical advice to help you with your baby. 

We didn’t find the medical information that enticing but it’s good to have it in one place. We did have the occasional issue of monitor dropout which was frustrating but certainly not limited to this device. Reconnecting didn’t take too long, however, and it was only a few times we experienced it – mainly when it thought our Wi-Fi signal wasn’t strong enough. 

It’s worth also noting that if the screen of your device goes off then you will have to log back into the app. It doesn’t take long but is an inconvenience. If you don’t have particularly strong Wi-Fi then don’t panic as the device will scale up or down the images to your broadband speed. 

Image quality was on the whole excellent as was sound – both were HD and some of the best we experienced on test. It is pricey, though, but you are getting a lot for your money – including things like temperature and humidity notifications, talkback functionality and medical advice. 

BT Video Baby Monitor 6000

Plug-and-play baby cam that offers peace of mind with simplicity

Privacy: Data encryption technology for extra security | Range: p to 300 m with out-of-range warning | Camera: Infrared night vision, 5 inch monitor screen | Weight: 395g

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