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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) — With the hot weather this week and the start of summer on Thursday, you need to protect yourself, your kids and your pets. Don’t forget about your technology though; the heat can hurt phones and laptops.

Dennis Korzo is a technician with Gadget Town in Harrisonburg, Va. He said often people bring in devices when they aren’t working properly, not knowing the issues are often because of heat damage.

If your phone overheats, it uses the shutdown feature to protect itself.

You should always keep it out of direct sunlight. Leaving your phone face-up in the sun also can cause damage to the LCD.

“If you’re in the sun, just put it under something or just put it away inside a house maybe, so it can cool down,” said Korzo.

If you can’t get your phone inside to the air conditioning, putting it in the shade should also help it cool down.

If you’re using a laptop and it overheats, it will shut down without saving your work, but, your computer doesn’t have to be in use to get too hot.

“I’ve seen cases with laptops in a hot car, usually Macbooks. I’ve seen a lot of those where the battery inflates and pushes the metal, so it bends it,” said Korzo.

Macbooks are at risk because of the internal location of the battery. Usually the motherboard of the laptop is okay, but often the touch breaks, and the back panel of the laptop bends out and breaks.

Korzo said if your battery has inflated, you’ll be able to tell based on the gaps that form.

If your laptop overheats frequently, regardless of the brand, there is the possibility of more serious damage in the future.

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