Oppo Patents a Smartphone With Li-Fi Technology

In order to accommodate the growing connectivity needs of consumers, new connectivity protocols and technologies like Wi-Fi 6 and 5G are being extensively incorporated in flagship as well as mid-range Smartphones this year.

One such technology that is allegedly planning to provide support for in its smartphones is Light Fidelity (Li-Fi). For those who don't know, Li-Fi technology uses light through an LED lamp instead of relying on radio waves like Wi-Fi. Hence, it is much faster than Wi-Fi.

According to a recent report by LetsGoDigital has filed a patent with CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Office) that was published on July 31, 2020, and includes 24 product images.

The images show a with narrow screen edges, full-screen design, and a pop-up selfie camera. The pop-up mechanism has a small rectangular photodetector for Li-Fi. A similar receiver can also be seen at the back placed next to the vertical camera system. This photodetector converts the changes in the amplitude into an electrical signal to enable Li-Fi communication with the .

The smartphone in the patent features a dual-sensor camera setup on the back. However, since the patent focuses on Li-Fi technology, Oppo can always tweak the design if it decides to actually make the smartphone. Moreover, the small O-Dot at the back that ensures the phone does not rest alone on the camera system hints that Oppo plans on launching this smartphone within the relatively new and highly innovative Reno range.

Oppo has not officially announced whether it will implement the idea and launch a phone supporting Li-Fi technology. It might be showcased as a concept phone before considering it as a commercial device.

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