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Presentations can be a nightmare of hardware problems, with a variety of cords, plugins, and devices that can malfunction or be incompatible at the wrong time. Tech company Fasetto believes they have come up with a solution with a new device named Forum.

Forum was designed as the “optimal business tool for both the sales executive road-warrior or anyone giving an in-person presentation,” according to a press email. At its core, the pocket device simplifies presentations, allowing users to broadcast directly to other devices in the room through its own wireless signal.

The company launched an Indiegogo campaign with goal of $25,000, and raised $25,558 after only two days.

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“One of the things we always say when describing the simplicity of Forum is, ‘if you can launch a browser, then you can see my presentation,’ it is truly that easy, no calling in IT for help.” Coy Christmas, CEO of Fasetto, said in a press release.

Christmas added: “One of the features we are most excited about is Forum’s ability for multi-screen views. Forum has unique views for both Presenter and Participant. The Presenter View lets you easily manage slides, notes, device connections and participant activities, but it also has split-screen capability, allowing you to navigate between questions from the crowd on one side to seeing your presentation notes on the other.”

Backers of the Indiegogo campaign can buy the device for $199 and receive special features, including a limited number of devices that can integrate with Amazon’s Alexa and be operated through voice controls, the release said.

As Christmas noted, the device creates its own, secure Wi-Fi signal and can show presentations on anything with a browser. Through Forum, you can conduct live polls, send out questions or downloadable files to the audience, and share contact information, the release noted. According to the Indiegogo page, it can connect to “30 devices locally and up to tens of thousands when connected to a local network.”

“And with the Participant View, attendees can see the presentation on their screen while also engaging directly with the presenter. It really takes meeting interactions to a whole new level by providing seamless collaboration and maximum efficiency,” Christmas also noted in the release.

The device is ideal for business travelers who want to shed bags of wires and cords. Its compact size and miniature charging case make it an easy fit inside a suitcase or laptop bag.

Forum has been in development since 2016 and the team at Fasetto hopes to have the device shipping to US customers by October 2018. International users will be able to get the device in December.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • The Fasetto Forum is a a palm-sized PC designed to make presentations simpler, eliminating the need for cords and dongles.
  • The device creates its own, secure W-Fi network and allows you to broadcast a presentation to 30 devices locally and many more through the web.

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