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A collection of great tips and tricks for the iPhone in a new, easy to understand book!

My new book, 101 Handy Tech Tips for the iPhone is available now on Amazon Kindle or as a PDF and EPUB for eReaders.

I’ve been covering technology for more than a decade and the iPhone is the one device that I consistently get the most questions about.

That got me to thinking: why not put my knowledge of this gadget into a collection of amazing tips and tricks that everyone can benefit from?

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My new book is loaded with features I think you should know – and the best part is that they require no additional software. All of the handy tips contained in the book can be done with Apple’s built-in operating system.

You’ll learn things like Tip #58: how to scan and sign a document. The feature is built into Apple’s Notes app. You can even send off your signed document as a PDF.

There are the basics, like how to take a screenshot (Tip #1) and how to clear out all of your notifications at once (Tip #2).

Try it: Instead of tapping the X on the lock screen to get rid of some notifications, press that X a little harder to bring up a new option! This will let you clear out all of your notifications at the same time.

Also in 101 Handy Tech Tips for the iPhone, I explain the various AirDrop options (Tip #7) options and how to free up storage fast.

You’ll even learn how to have Siri say the name of who’s calling (Tip #24). Just go into Settings, then Phone and look for the option to ‘announce calls.” No more running across the room to see who it is.

Privacy is a hot topic. I’ll show you where to look to find the settings you should review for maximum security of your information.

There are also some eye-opening tips, like #35. I’ll show you how to see the “secret” map your iPhone keeps of the places you go to the most!

It’s called Significant Locations and to find it you’ll have to go into Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services and then scroll all the way down to the bottom and pop in your password before proceeding. Think you would have found that on your own?

101 Handy Tech Tips for the iPhone will make you a more confident iPhone user and help you unlock some of the best features you might never find or even look for on your own.

It is available now on Amazon or you can purchase a bundle that includes the PDF and EPUB files that let you read on a variety of devices and eReader apps including iBooks.

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