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WHAT hope has consciousness of understanding the world, when it doesn’t yet understand itself?

The answer is we don’t know – but it’s a blast trying to find out. Science is the art of asking hard questions and, whether or not we find answers, finding new perspectives that extend our knowledge.

Often those perspectives are truly mind-blowing, as our special feature “How to think about…” makes plain (see “How to think about…”). You might dispute our choice of 13 of the most intriguing ideas from science and technology – indeed, when we undertook a similar exercise in 2014, the list was entirely different (13 December 2014, p 32).


But all exemplify how scientific enquiry defines and shapes our thinking in often unexpected ways. They illustrate the beauty of the subject: how it follows no agenda or preconceptions, but guides us on a stumbling path to greater enlightenment.

Science may often be hard to get our heads around, but to echo the ending of our special feature: it is the worst way of seeking truth, apart from all the others that have been tried from time to time.

This article appeared in print under the headline “Conceptual difficulties”

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