Top 5 ways AR is good for customers | Innovation

We've heard a lot about how Augmented Reality will be for games and some about how it might work for professionals. But what about your clients?

Here are five AR is good for your customers.

  1. It's great for prototypes and mockups. Want to see that set of break room chairs in blue? How would that rack mount work in a smaller space? If we added another wing to the widget would it still fly?
  2. It can bring folks back in the store. Augmented reality works great when you take real things and see them in different situations. Imagine grabbing something off the rack and being able to see how it will fit without trying it on. Or putting it on and seeing how it works with your other clothes at home in the dressing room mirror at the store.
  3. Put the metrics in situ. Imagine instead of looking at a chart of server metrics your client looks out at the data center and sees the metrics for each server right next to it.
  4. Show off key performance indicators. Not only does AR allow for impressive data visualization but you can literally show your client what success looks like.
  5. Make your superfans even more immersed. Some people like TV shows. Some people eat special foods while they watch them. Some dress up like the characters. With AR you can go one step further and be in the world you're watching. Imagine watching Game of Thrones while riding a dragon.

The reality is, a better immersed and informed customer is going to make your job just that much easier.


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