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UBER could soon slash ride prices by 25 percent for customers willing to wait slightly longer for their cab.

The company has started testing the cheaper fare option on its workers in San Francisco and Los Angeles, with plans for a public rollout soon, according to Quartz.

An Uber employee leaked the feature in a now-deleted tweet

An Uber employee shared a screenshot of the feature in a since deleted tweet that showed a 25 percent price cut in exchange for a four minute wait from the time the order was placed.

The image showed a ride request “now” (4.56pm local time) for $10.18 or the option to wait until 5pm and pay $8.15.

“Affordability is a top reason riders choose shared rides, and we’re internally experimenting with a way to save money in exchange for a later pickup,” an Uber spokesperson told Quartz.

An Uber fare for a standard UberX ride is calculated using a set number of criteria including a base fare (a flat fee charged at the beginning of a ride), cost per minute, cost per mile, and a booking fee to cover “operational costs”, according to the firm.

 Waiting an extra four minutes for an Uber could save you 25 percent on the cost of your ride soon


Waiting an extra four minutes for an Uber could save you 25 percent on the cost of your ride soon

On top of that, Uber prices can spike during peak times when the company applies “surge pricing”.

This essentially sees it multiply a fare by 1.8-2.5 times its standard price.

Customers are alerted to the change in the app, with the neighbourhood they’re in changing colour to orange or bright red to indicate an increase in demand.

On the flip side, Uber is now experimenting with lower-cost ride options like Express Pool which directs riders to nearby pickup points where they can catch a cab with other customers and split the cost.

And offering people longer wait times in exchange for cheaper fares could be the company’s next bargain feature.

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