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There are so many ways to make POS systems work for you and your business. Now, most POS systems can even be linked to your smart devices. Yes, you might just be managing your entire retail store through your iPad now.

is the e-commerce platform that can be used by anyone! That’s how easy it is. But wait, it isn’t just for those with an online store- even those with a brick and mortar store can turn to Shopify to modernize and make efficient their POS capabilities.

And of systems are more than just a cash register coupled with a barcode scanner- with an efficient POS system connected to a utilitarian device such as an iPad- there’s no limit to what you can do. The iPad of sale systems by Shopify are customized to work for those who have multiple retail channels, such as online and offline, as well as multiple retail locations.

What is Shopify iPad POS?

Shopify offers a fantastic point of sale system that has a large number of features and abilities, for iPads. The best part of this system is that you’re not required to set up a long term Shopify contract. This service works on a month-by-month payment basis. With Shopify, there are certain basics you get on every plan- regardless of price.

The prices are all listed online- starting at 9 USD per month and going up to 299 USD per month, there are a range of plans. There is an additional Retail Package you can opt for – this is especially for those with retail businesses offline. This package costs 49 USD per month. This might be less of an option and more of a necessity for brick and mortar store owners. This is because this is the system that allows you to connect all POS hardware with the software you have on your iPad. These include cash registers and receipt printers besides other hardware. You also have the option of adding your employees to the software to keep a track of cash register shifts and sales of each employee.

What are the specifications?

The Shopify POS has most things one would need in such a software. On the opening dashboard, all your sales data and report generating options are in plain view. This is besides other features such as the top-selling items from the inventory and what time the store is the busiest, depending on the sales per hour format. All of these tidbits of information keep you well in the loop of how your store is performing.

The inventory tools Shopify provides are handy. They allow you to organize inventory depending on seasons, sales, and category. You can add specifications and divisions based on colour or size- and even assign barcodes to all products. Keeping the iPad’s system and performance in mind, Shopify recommends adding about 2000 to 7000 items at the most.

You can pick your hardware from the Shopify website itself- it provides users with a list of compatible hardware and software. One such software is the card processing service. This means you don’t have to set up a seperate credit card processing unit. If you choose to, however, you will have to pay a surcharge of anywhere between 0.2% to 5%. This is on top of the charges you will pay the processor.

You can also refer to the customer database Shopify provides. This allows you to have on hand all orders and purchase history- and also consolidate the contacts of your customers to allow for better marketing. In terms of what’s lacking- you’ll find it hard to get an inventory alert when you’re running low on space. For this, you might need a third party application. Shopify has a large number of third party applications that will cater to this exact need, so don’t fret.

How does Shopify make it easier?

When it comes to managing a software and making use of it entirely through an iPad- you can’t find a better pick than Shopify. This is because besides customizing the software to iPad, Shopify also offers users a complete iPad kit to help them set up their iPad based POS system.

Once you identify your iPad – head over to the Shopify website and look at the options made available to you.

The iPad stands are usable for any iPad you may have- the other hardware is tweaked to give different options too. You can pick sizes and colours for the cash drawer. The receipt printer comes in grey-white and black grey colour combinations. But the card reader is the real star! All this for a standard price of 749 USD. And all you need to do- identify which iPad you’re using. This software is the most user-friendly out there amongst other point of sale systems in the market and is good for amateurs or experts alike.

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