Facebook bans coronavirus ‘miracle cure’ ads

Does drinking bleach the ?

NO. Not unless by “cure” you really mean “will potentially kill you before Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) has a chance to.”

That’s why, following the World Health Organization (WHO) having declared COVID-19 a public health emergency of international concern, Facebook late last month said it would help by trying to limit the spread of nonsense on its platform, including, for example, snakeoil posts about the fake miracle bleach cure.

On Tuesday, Facebook took it a step further. As Business Insider reported, the platform plans to ban ads that promise to cure the contagious illness or that try to “create a sense of urgency” about it.

Facebook says it’s also going to take down fake news about the virus entirely if posts put people at risk.

Fearmongering has already got people running for the exits – or, in this case, price-gouging face masks on Amazon and flocking to Facebook groups to buy medical masks in bulk.

According to MarketWatch, as of Wednesday, the COVID-19 tally was up to 81,245 confirmed cases worldwide and at least 2,770 deaths.


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