Facebook changes to how it ranks videos by focusing on original content


wants to help filmmakers build a platform and users find quality content. To do so, the social media site is changing up how it . In a blog post published on Monday, Facebook Product Management Director David Miller said going forward the social network will prioritize original content.

“We want to help media companies whether large, small, global, or local continue their invaluable work,” Miller said.

The update is based on three factors: loyalty and intent, video and viewing durations, and originality. The new ranking system will change how videos are seen across the site including news feed and video recommendations.

Miller said Facebook plans to add more weight to videos that people search for and watch multiple times. Additionally, videos that are watched longer will be prioritized. Facebook plans to limit the distribution of “unoriginal or repurposed content from other sources.”

The social media site will also dial back on pages that participate in “sharing schemes.”

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