Facebook Gaming Partners Gain Access to Licensed Music

Facebook can now add popular music from several labels, publishers and societies to their livestreams following a host of partnerships that were revealed Monday.

Global director of games partnerships Leo Olebe said in a blog post that partnerships were reached with entities including BMG, Kobalt Music Group, Merlin, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, covering genres including 1980s classics, current pop hits, dance floor beats and hip-hop.

The option is only available to Facebook Gaming Partners, but Olebe said the social network is working to extend it to Level Up creators, as well.

He wrote, “As creators and entertainers, we know you want to play music during your gaming livestreams and not just any old music, but music people know, that will get them hyped as they watch. At the same time, you probably realize, or have heard from elsewhere, that music rights are complex and hard to understand. Instead of suggesting that you go to music law school to figure it all out, we want to make the whole process a lot easier so you can focus on being a great streamer, and not a rights specialist.”

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