Facebook is working on an intelligent voice assistant

Facebook has confided in on its own intelligent assistant. It’s hardly a surprise from a big name in the technology industry, but does this communication giant really want to attack Amazon Alexa and Google ?


The first thing to understand is probably not surprising to anyone: this assistant is for users of Facebook-controlled products. Not just any of them. It will be for (at least at first) Portal and Oculus, others will follow later, reports The Verge. It will also not take over the torch of the late assistant M, whom Facebook killed last year after 2.5 years of development after confiding that “it was an experience that taught the company a lot”.

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What can you do with Facebook’s voice assistant?

It’s still very mysterious, a lot has been written but nothing particularly concrete. We don’t even know its name, but for convenience it will probably take the name Facebook Assistant in the press.

What is certain is that Facebook has its work cut out for it if it wants to compete with Google Assistant, Alexa or even Siri. Facebook is not the most popular company at the moment and the idea of using its AI may frighten many people, but maybe it doesn’t intend to ask us for our opinion and will eventually implement this feature in all its products, from social networking to WhatsApp and the Oculus platform. We can get an idea of the situation when we really know what is being prepared for us.


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