Facebook Issues New Rules On Deepfake Videos, Targeting Misinformation

Facebook says it’s banning many types of misleading videos from its site, in a push against deepfake content and online misinformation campaigns.

Facebook’s new ban targets videos that are manipulated to make it appear someone said words they didn’t actually say. The company won’t allow videos on its site if they’ve been either edited or computer-generated in ways that the average person couldn’t detect.

But Facebook isn’t banning all deepfake videos. It will allow the technique to be used in parodies or satire, and it will also allow clips that were edited only to cut out or change the order of words. Those exceptions could open up a gray area in which fact-checkers must decide what content is allowed and what is taken down.

Deepfake videos can be created in several ways, from video editing software to sophisticated artificial intelligence tools.

“While these videos are still rare on the internet, they present a significant challenge for our industry and society as their use increases,” Facebook’s vice president of global policy management, Monika Bickert, said in a blog post about the new policy Monday night.

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