Facebook Launches New Admin Tools to Help Moderate Communities

has launched some new tools to help admins more easily moderate comments in Facebook groups.

Moderating groups on social media isn’t the easiest of jobs, with the arguments that seem to constantly break out online. To combat this, Facebook has launched some new tools to help admins moderate comments in Facebook groups more easily.

In a blog post, Facebook announced that it’s launching some new tools to make group moderation easier for admins. These new tools include a new home for admin tools and settings, an AI-powered comment moderator, and more.

Facebook explained that many of the new tools are based on user feedback and have actually been requested. The social media platform also added that there are more than 70 million active admins running Facebook groups, so it’s likely that these new tools will prove to be a big benefit.

Going further, Facebook went on to acknowledge that “community leaders are at the heart of communities on Facebook” and that sometimes “contentious conversations do come up”. Facebook also stressed that keeping groups safe is “a priority for Facebook”, and it appears these new admin tools put this to the test.

The most noticeable new tool is Facebook’s AI-powered feature called “conflict alerts,” which is currently in testing. The new feature will send group admins a notification when the AI detects “contentious or unhealthy conversations” in a group.

Most of the other new admin tools are comment based. Facebook group admins can slow down comments on a post. For example, comments on a new post could get limited to one a minute. Admins can also limit the amount of comments on posts, temporarily or permanently.

One new tool focuses on new members. Admins will have the ability to restrict new members from posting or commenting, although this is available for all other users too. Group admins can also decline promoted posts to stop unsolicited advertising in groups.

All the new tools are found in the new Admin Home on Facebook. From here, group admins can also get quick access to group settings.

Facebook Is Taking Bad Behavior More Seriously

We all know that bad behavior and arguments happen on social media all the time. With the new admin tools, it seems that Facebook is taking bad behavior more seriously.

Having recently come under the spotlight for users and posts breaching rules, perhaps Facebook has launched these new admin tools with an attitude to stop bad behavior for good. Either way, admins will have a much easier time moderating Facebook groups.

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