The Significance Of Social Media Platforms To Increase Web Traffic

The significance of social media in this modern world, especially for business marketing purposes, is reflected in its statistics. Social media has grown dramatically year after year and now has become the most crucial part of digital communication and business strategies. Undoubtedly, implementing social media in marketing is the trend that has influenced marketing in 2019.

Search engine optimization or SEO is essential, as well as a fantastic foundation for any website to do well in the digital landscape. It is perhaps the best way to get continuous and lots of traction.

However, when it comes to scaling a business in the real sense and to reach out to the large audience out there, especially in eCommerce, you cannot ignore the influence and significance of strategic use of the different for your business marketing purposes.

This is because social media delivers the marketers with a large variety of measurable results in different aspects of marketing, such as:

  • Sales
  • Traffic
  • Leads and
  • Creating brand awareness.

It also offers them great ROI with an increased potential to reach a larger audience. Most importantly, all these benefits are enjoyed by the marketers at a very low cost.

The importance of web traffic

The importance of social media is immense when it comes to generating more web traffic. The posts on different social media channels can be used effectively as a powerful tool to drive more targeted traffic to any website.

Posts that have photographs in the landing pages and if it is well-placed can produce the desired effect and results.

  • A single photo on Instagram can drive thousands of followers for Instagram in just a few days. The equivalent applies to Facebook.
  • Moreover, the links submitted can increase the number of visitors to a site significantly that was barely receiving a handful of visitors each day.

With such benefits, it will be only a silly person who will not want to add one or a couple of these social media channels to their marketing campaigns.

Branch out to different areas

When you use multiple social media channels, it will be much easier for you to branch out to different possible areas to reach out to more potential customers. All you need to do is:

  • Analyze your site traffic
  • Know their demographics
  • Understand how people from various sources interact with your website and
  • The specific areas in which you need to allocate your time and resources.

This will enable you to deliver your users with what they want from you. This will build your range too.

Remember, these are crucial factors to know because simply considering the traffic volume as your bottom line will not suffice when it comes to driving social traffic to your website. This is because it will not provide the real picture. Just because a person visited your website from any organic search does not mean they were not influenced to visit your site through another channel. It is, therefore, needed that you look beyond the data that Google Analytics provides regarding traffic from various sources.

Boost the SEO of your site

Just as you can use social media posts to drive more targeted traffic to your site, you can also use these to boost the SEO of your website as well. The search engines know which pages repeatedly earn traffic and those pages that are not ignored or forgotten.

For SEO, it is crucial to have a great content strategy. This will help your site significantly to attain top spots in the search engine page rankings. However, merely having great content may not provide the results as desired. You and your site will be better off in climbing up the search engine result pages a lot faster when you drive more traffic to it.

  • Ideally, social media is the best tool to do that. This is because it can result in building real, strong, and long-lasting relationships with your followers.
  • It will help you to increase your customer base and also enable you to have regular interactions with them.

With such a high rate of engagement, your site will surely rank high because engagement is one of the most significant parameters considered by the search engine algorithms.

Effect of social media on organic traffic

The incredible influence of social media on personal and professional lives is hard to ignore as it has not only changed the lives of the people but also has changed how they look at things now. Most of the people use their mobile devices to check out a product on any of the social media platforms before making a buying decision. In fact, the effect of social media on people's lives cannot be accurately quantified, if at all.

It is for this reason social media has affected the organic traffic to websites as well and in several different ways such as:

  • Recommendations and referrals: Users share their experiences with different products and brands on social media platforms. This results in recommendations and referrals that, in turn, increase the site traffic.
  • Paid ads: These are the initial exposure tools of a product, but the clicks will not let you know which particular user got to your website from their social media exposure. This means that there may be a few returning visitors who are not organic traffic initially.

Social media helps marketers to pull out local information, and it also helps in increasing brand recognition.

Use PR to increase web traffic

Lastly, make sure that you use PR to increase the traffic to your site. As a marketer, you should know the power of PR and the role it plays to impacts website traffic. It will help you to get quality traffic, reduce bounce rate, and earn more media mentions. This will not only improve the ROI on PR but will also help you to know the publications that are delivering the most visitors.

Therefore, be wise and creative to use social media for your marketing purposes if you want to survive and sustain in 2020.

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Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.

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