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Amazon’s can already do certain tasks by itself, but at the same time it acts as a medium between other smart/connected devices as well where users can use to turn said devices on/off. However what if a device is in low-power and you want to wake it up using ? The good news is that Amazon has a solution for that.

The company has recently announced what they are calling a wake-on-LAN controller which according to Amazon, “enables customers to use Alexa to power on smart devices which have gone into a low power mode and cannot be woken up via the cloud.” This means that if a device is in low-power mode and you want to turn it on, just speak the command as per usual and it should wake it up.

However the catch is that companies will need to implement support for the protocol into their devices, which thankfully comes as a software update so no hardware changes are necessary. Of course whether or not companies actually do implement it is a different question, but in the meantime Amazon has confirmed that companies such as VIZIO, LG, and Hisense will be introducing these features to its TVs in an update that will be rolled out in the coming months, and we expect that more companies should hop on board the feature in the future.

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