Is your smart home too power-hungry?

Every day new always-connected gadgets arrive on the market and invade our . Whether we want it or not, our are turning into . But how much do these comforts weigh on your electricity bill?

Are you just embarking on a smart adventure? If you’re new to the sport, I’d like to give you some advice: be careful, creating a smart is addictive!

Some of the daredevils who have already faced the first hurdles in transforming a normal home into a smart one, will surely have asked themselves a question that recently popped into my mind: how much does a smart home consume?

amazon echo 10
Alexa, how much do you consume? / © Tech News

The question may seem trivial, but there are a lot of variables to take into account. Are we talking about consumption at rest or during use of the equipment? And above all, what smart gadgets are we talking about? Smart speakers? Smart bulbs? There truly are a lot of variables.

So what I want to ask you is: are you interested in the consumption of these smart/IoT devices or do you think they don’t affect your monthly bill that much?

Let us know by participating in our poll or commenting below if you have any further specific questions related to the topic!

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