MWC will show world’s first remote operation thanks to 5G

is about more than just smartphones. 5G will be one of the focuses of the Barcelona technology fair. But the network that will replace 4G goes far beyond being able to communicate better and faster. Barcelona’s Hospital Clínic already has an operating room equipped with 5G connectivity, which will allow the world’s first live remote operation to be performed on February 27.

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which is being held in Barcelona from 25 to 28 February, will be the setting for this milestone in the medical field that is going to revolutionize the way we operate forever. The Optimus operating room of the Hospital Clínic, with 5G technology, will receive a surgical operation on a patient while at the Fira de Barcelona site other surgeons will be able to advise and give instructions to the hospital’s medical team. The chief of gastrointestinal surgery, Antonio Maria de Lacy, will assist the team at a distance in real time, demonstrating that it is possible to use the 5G for complex interventions thanks to its low latency.

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The Optimus operating room at the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona / © Alejandro García / EFE

Vodafone is behind the connectivity in the operating room in this project called “pilot surgeon”, which is part of the 5G Barcelona initiative – in which there are already other programs that also cover other sectors such as mobility – and which aims to turn the Spanish city into a 5G hub in Europe. The total investment in the operating room is around 40 million euros.

At the moment we do not know more details about what type of operation will be the pioneer in using this system in one of the most advanced operating rooms in the world to date. What is clear is that it will be the first time that a doctor can attend an operation miles away and take advantage of 5G technology so that their instructions arrive almost instantly.

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Did you know the 5G was good for more than just using your smartphone faster? What do you think about the MWC hosting an event like this?

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