PUBG release date for PlayStation 4

It has been a few days since we first heard rumours that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG might finally be coming to the PlayStation 4. Nothing’s official yet but it release may have just inadvertently been leaked and it isn’t too far away.

An Amazon listing for PUBG has just been uncovered, which includes a release date of 8 December mentioned on it. The listing has been since removed, but as per a report by Game Revolution, there are a few factors that could give the leak some credibility.

Firstly, it lines up with a September report by Eurogamer which placed a December release date on PUBG for PlayStation 4. A PUBG icon had appeared on PlayStation servers, leading to speculation a PS4 release would be imminent. The 8 December date also happens to be only two days after The Game Awards 2018 which could be a potential venue where Sony might announce the launch.

While its release hasn’t been outright confirmed, PUBG coming to the PlayStation 4 should hardly be surprising. Bluehole, the owner of PUBG developer PUBG Corporation, previously stated it was in talks with Sony over a year ago. What will be interesting here though is to see how PUBG ultimately fares on the PS4.

The game has undoubtedly been a success on the Xbox One and PC, but the battle royale genre is somewhat crowded now. Fortnite, for starters, already has the jump on the sheer number of players and with the entry of both Call of Duty and Battlefield into battle royale world now, it could be a little too late for PUBG to make a dent.

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