Why You Are Better Off Surfing the Web with Malwarebytes


Few could have predicted where the would take us when it was first getting off the ground. But now, with the average American spending twenty-four hours online each week, it’s safe to say the Web plays a major part in our daily lives and this is why you need malwarebytes.

This is both a good and bad thing. On one hand, we have a nearly limitless amount of information (and YouTube videos) at our fingertips, but on the other hand, every minute we spend online is another minute we’re at risk of being attacked, chiefly through malware.

Short for “malicious software,” malware covers any kind of program or code that’s harmful to your system. Whether you opened a suspicious email or made a risky click, malware can easily sneak into your computer, and once it’s in place, its goal is simple: profit off your bad luck.

From adware that bombards you with relentless pop-ups to ransomware that locks you out of your files and makes you pay a ransom to get them back, malware comes in all sorts of nasty shapes and sizes; and the worst part is that it’s continually evolving.

This makes it harder to protect yourself from being attacked, and, unfortunately, too many cybersecurity programs aren’t proactive or comprehensive enough to keep up with the opposition. Malwarebytes, however, has emerged as a potential solution, and it’s offering free trials today.

Malwarebytes takes an aggressive approach to keeping malware at bay. This cybersecurity program leverages advanced anti-malware, anti-spyware, and anti-rootkit technology to detect and remove malware in real time. It’s constantly scanning for new threats and covers your browser and programs in several layers of defense to keep them from being used against you.

The program detects and prevents you from coming in contact with sites used by scammers and malicious links, and it leverages proprietary anti-ransomware technology to prevent your files from being locked.

Malwarebytes offers solutions for Mac, Windows, and mobile, and users can get started with a free trial. Sign up and you can test drive the program’s anti-malware and antivirus features, and when your Mac or PC trial is up, Malwarebytes still works as a disinfection scanner at no charge to you.

Download your free trial of Malwarebytes now, and start protecting all of your devices as aggressively as they’re being attacked.

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