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Every day, your phone accumulates pictures from all over. Memes from friends on messaging apps, personal memories you clicked, screenshots to stir up conversations on social media, and similar are probably taking up tons of space on your device.

Managing hundreds of these files can be a cumbersome task. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be with the right tools. Here are six smart Android for all your photo management needs.

1. A+ Gallery

We begin with A+ Gallery, a free app that lets you browse pictures from several sources on a common platform. It’s compatible with three cloud services: Dropbox, Facebook, and Amazon Cloud Drive. Once you connect your accounts, A+ Gallery keeps your local gallery app synced with media you upload elsewhere.

In addition, A+ Gallery has a handful of other handy features for which you’d usually have to turn to other third-party solutions.

This includes the ability to secure your pictures or videos with a passcode and a feature called Places, which shows all your memories on a map based where you’ve taken them. A+ Gallery even shows how much you’ve traveled by evaluating the distance between these albums. You can, of course, search the images A+ Gallery holds through a multitude of filters such as color, data, and location.

Download: A+ Gallery (Free, premium version available)

2. Curator

If the idea of feeding Google gigabytes of pictures and videos doesn’t sound wise to you, meet Curator.

In addition to being a standard and minimalistic gallery app, Curator can tag your pictures based on what their content just like Google Photos. The difference, however, is that Curator does everything offline. The app only asks for one permission: accessing your local storage.

The app can recognize just about any scene or object such as pets, skylines, selfies, and more. Similar to Google Photos, you can then search through your media simply by typing what you’re looking for.

Curator will also soon receive the ability to detect people, bringing it closer to being a Google Photos alternative, (aside from the backup features). And best of all, Curator is free.

Download: Curator (Free)

3. Zyl

Zyl is another app which employs a set of smart algorithms for your photos

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. Unlike Curator, though, Zyl is designed to create albums for moments it thinks belong in a single collection. Plus, you can share these albums with other users.

So for instance, if you just came back from a trip, Zyl will put all the pictures and videos you took in a folder that you can then easily send to your fellow travel mates. Zyl has a few other tricks up its sleeve too. Its AI engine can unearth duplicate images and help you get rid of them with the tap of a button.

Download: Zyl (Free)

4. Gallery

Simply called Gallery, this app is for making your photo collection more joyful and practical. It does this by revamping how thumbnails are produced, choosing which of them are highlighted, and organizing all media in various relevant albums. Thus, Gallery comes with a feature called Smart Mode. It’s disabled by default and without it, Gallery looks like any other standard photo manager.

When enabled, Smart Mode goes through all your media and refiles them with thumbnails centered around the most important part of a picture (like faces). In addition, when you’re in the Smart Mode, not every photo is visible. Smart Mode hides ones it believes are of poor quality. Lastly, it can segregate all related photos and clips in separate albums.

If your gallery app is too cluttered to find the best shots and you don’t want spend hours deleting the bad ones, try Gallery.

Download: Gallery (Free, premium version available)

5. Google Files Go

Google’s Files Go is your one-stop shop for trashing all the junk sitting idle on your phone, eating up memory. The app, which is primarily meant to help you free up storage

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, comes with a flurry of smart features.

One of these is suggesting you delete a set of pictures or videos that’s either clutter from messaging apps or duplicates. Apart from that, you can also share large chunks of data with others without an internet connection.

Download: Files Go (Free)

6. Slidebox

Slidebox takes a Tinder-like approach to removing unwanted pictures. It uses a gesture-based interface so you can quickly preview images and delete the ones you don’t want.

It’s simple: the app shows one photo at a time which you can swipe up to move to the trash folder, swipe left to view the next, or swipe down to move it to an album. Once you’re done, head over to the trash and empty it. You can also go through this process for specific folders like WhatsApp Media or Downloads. Follow our guide to recovering deleted photos on Android in case case you accidentally deleted some.

Download: Slidebox (Free)

Bonus: Google Photos

We’ve talked about Google Photos numerous times, and it still remains the most complete platform for nearly all your photo management needs. And the best part is that it does the majority of tasks on its own. You just have to sign up and browse.

Google Photos’ biggest highlight is that it lets you upload unlimited pictures and videos with a minimal drop in quality. You can then search by what or who is in them, sort them in albums, and create a jaunty movie out of them. Apart from that, Google Photos has tons of useful features that you probably don’t know about

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We didn’t include it on this list since it’s installed by default on most Android phones now, but it’s certainly worth having around.

Download: Google Photos (Free)

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for more great alternatives.

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