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The Project the beta availability of Fedora 29 — the latest version of the free and open-source Fedora OS. The major additions to this release include:

  • Modularity across all editions, allowing multiple versions of the same software (e.g., node.js) to be selected on a per-system basis and then deployed through
  • Better performance and reliability for ARM single boards (such as Pi) given enhanced ZRAM support for swap on ARMv7 and aarch64

The “freeze” (moving Fedora 29 out of the “beta” stage) is expected on October 9, 2018.

As with all releases, Fedora 29 includes some bug fixes and tweaks. It also includes enhancements to base packages — Python 3.7, Perl 5.28. glibc 2.28, Gloang 1.11, and MySQL 8.

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Ready to try the Fedora 29 beta?

If you’re ready to jump in and help with the testing of this new release, visit getfedora.

Note that RedHat would love to enlist your involvement and not just in looking for and reporting bugs, but in many aspects of working with this important and popular Linux distro — translating, testing, creating content, marketing, and more. See what they’d like form you at what’s your area of interest? page.

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