Teslasuit announces ‘Teslasuit Glove’ for Virtual Reality sense of touch

Teslasuit has announced the introduction of the Teslasuit Glove – its new VR-powered gloves.

Teslasuit Glove can be used together with the company's Teslasuit haptic suit as a set, or separately. The new product is a Teslasuit glove that integrates haptics, motion capture, biometry and force feedback.

The glove comes equipped with a 3 x 3 inch display for each finger, and haptics that help contribute to tactile , enabling users to feel textures whilst wearing the glove. The glove can also track the movements of the wearer's hands and use those to control more accurate movements within a virtual setting. In addition, the glove's integrated biometric system is able to gather real-time data while in use – allowing for emotional state, stress level, and heart rate to be captured. The glove is completely wireless and is connected to the Teslasuit via Wi-Fi.

The exoskeleton element of the glove, together with the motion capture and force feedback systems, have applications for robotic tele-control systems, medical rehabilitation, training, and more, according to the company.

Sergei Nossoff, CEO of Teslasuit, commented: “We've created the Teslasuit Glove to expand XR training capabilities. The array of integrated features makes our product extremely versatile for a wide range of industries. Teslasuit Glove will hit the market in 2nd hаlf 2020; we have already been transforming the XR industry and now we are empowering the user to do so much more.”

Teslasuit will be showcasing their new release at CES2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 7, 2020.

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