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Much of the hype around the Internet of Things is centered on a decentralized model of deployment – edge computing, where specialized devices sit close to the endpoints they’re managing or monitoring, is very much the flavor of the month.

Yet the cloud and the center are still critical parts of the infrastructure, and the huge growth in deployments is having an effect on them, as well. Even deployments that lean heavily on edge compute can stream data back to a central hub for more detailed analysis. So it’s to argue that rise of hasn’t changed requirements and expectations in the data center.

What’s much less clear, however, is the precise nature of the changes being wrought in the data center. According to analysts and even the running the data centers, the jury is very much still out on what, exactly, IoT is doing.

IoT connectivity

According to Andrew Fray, managing director of European colocation provider Interxion, the one thing that does seem clear is that networking and connectivity capabilities are the main areas in which data centers are being asked to up their game.

“Connectivity is the short answer to the question, but it’s sort of mindful connectivity, depending on what the business is doing and where they want to put the rest,” he said. “So some of that information may need to go to some kind of deep storage, so they may want a very low-cost, high-latency, highly green location. Or they may want a very fast, very high-volume transactional location, in which case [customers’ data centers or facilities] probably are going to be close to city centers or positioned within a few miles.”

Architecting for IoT

Serious discussions about architecting for the IoT are just beginning at many companies set to be affected by the new , Fray added. This includes which parts of a given workload will live in the public cloud, which will be handled at the edge and which will be worked on by the company’s in-house data center.

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