Google’s Chrome Canvas is a browser app for quick doodles

Google has quietly released a progressive web app called Canvas that lets you make quick doodles that automatically save to your Google account, via Unboxed. That means you can just type in “” into a Chrome on any computer, and pull up a basic drawing app without having to download any programs or apps.

Canvas first showed up as an app in a recent Chrome OS Dev build, but it’s available now on any browser that supports WebAssembly, like Firefox.

The app’s features are pretty simple for now, with a basic toolbar consisting of pencil, pen, marker, chalk, and eraser tools, in addition to a color palette. You can export your drawing as a PNG file when you’re done, or pull up the same drawing on your phone, and vice versa.

To install the app on your Chromebook, just tap the three-dot button and hit ‘install Canvas’, and it’ll show up as a palette icon on the Chrome OS launcher. It’ll also prompt you to add Chrome Canvas if you access the site from your Android phone.

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