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Well, here is the current scenario.

The owner of the newly national policy is MITI, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

MPC or the Malaysia Productivity Corporation under MITI will oversee in terms of funding, in terms of implementation and execution.

But there are also other agencies underneath MITI’s purview. One of them is MIMOS Berhad.

Thiagesh K Lingam, Director of Business Development and Commercialisation at MIMOS Semiconductor, explained, “All the other agencies like the technological agencies, will with MPC to ensure implementation of funding is all done.”

He also shared that 400 companies will be implementing the new national Industry 4.0 policy saying that, “There is a selection criteria based on international standards, and the first criteria is assessment of the company on their level of maturity.”

“These assessments will be done within MITI agencies, be they tech-based companies or service-based companies,” he described.

The four agencies that will carry out these assessments have been identified as MPC, the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI), SIRIM and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).

Thiagesh also pointed out, the start of implementation phase would be in 2019, and described, “Three hundred of these companies would be manufacturing–related companies, of any kind, while the remaining 100 countries are providing manufacturing-related services like logistics, warehousing and so on.”

Tun M had observed in his keynote that manufacturing enabled by Industry 4.0 policies like ours, will eventually lead to cities, grids, services and so on.

Malaysia Industry4.0 Policy’s Assessment Programme | Digital Asia 1

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