15 Best Mods For Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

’s Dragon’s Dogma originally launched for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2012, with an enhanced version with more content called Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen launching the following year, and adding PC to its range of formats. The game has since been ported to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, allowing even more players to enjoy it.

Best For Dragon’s Dogma

Updated November 26th, 2020: With the recent news that a potential sequel to Dragon’s Dogma has been leaked, not to mention the release of the highly anticipated animated series back in September on Netflix, the Dragon’s Dogma fan community is currently on a well-deserved high. In the meantime, fans of the franchise can keep themselves contented with playing the original, or the Dark Arisen version to have even more content at their disposal. Of course, with any game that has a few years under its belt, players will want to liven it up a little and the best way to do that is with some well-chosen mods.

Adjusted Stats From Leveling Up

For players wanting to create a beast of a character, there’s a mod that will help them reap the best of all the stats. The Adjusted Stats from Leveling Up Mod has a variety of different builds, allowing players to really build their character up to the max, or just improve their stats a little, it’s their choice.

The mod takes the best stats from across the classes and adds them to the player’s character when they level up, so regardless of which class is chosen, they’ll be a powerhouse. For anyone worrying that their pawns will be negatively affected, the Hybrid version of the mod ensures that’s pawns will not be altered.

Power Leveling

Leveling up in any game can be a grind, it’s a chore that takes more and more time with each level that players gain, as they require more and more experience to hit the next level. Dragon’s Dogma is no different, and with a level cap of 200, it can be a very long journey in getting there.

The Power-Leveling Mod helps players burn to level 200 a little quicker by reducing the number of experience points that are required. The mod has multiple options, with players being able to reduce the required amount by 75%, 50%, or 25%.

Pawn Stars

For players looking to have a few more strong, fierce women in their game, the Pawn Stars Mod does just the job. The mod changes all of the offline pawn models to female characters who have been overhauled to look a lot better than the standard NPCs, including making them rather fashionable.

This mod is great because it doesn’t negatively affect your save files in any way, and it is highly compatible with other Dragon’s Dogma mods as it doesn’t affect the main data file.

Seraph FX- Clear Days Dark Nights

The Seraph FX- Clear Days Dark Nights Mod gives Gransys a much-needed makeover by making the days brighter, the nights darker, and all with a crystal clear and crisp texture. Players are able to immerse themselves in the world a lot more with this stunning mod.

This mod adds a lot of ambiances and it keeps it natural by not using lights that are too warm or too cool. It also affects the weather effects in the game, so bad weather has a moodier atmosphere while clear days are more vibrant.

Remove Screenshot Watermark

With most games, players enjoy taking screenshots of their adventures, but this is especially true of games that feature wide expansive areas to explore, such as Dragon’s Dogma. The annoying thing is when those screenshots immediately have copyright text across them, and while this can be cropped out, it means losing part of the image.

The Remove Screenshot Watermark Mod kindly removes this issue for players, as well as offering another option that just keeps the game’s logo, if players want to keep it that is.

All Items Save File

This mod is essentially a cheat, so it’s not recommended for new players as you can only have one save file at a time and the game should be experienced as it was truly intended first of all.

However, if you’ve already explored Gransys to your heart’s content and want to play around a bit, the All Items Save File mod will give you a save file with 100 of every base item in your storage, that’s over 1900 items in total.

9 World Difficulty

Another great mod for veteran players, especially those looking for a challenge, is the World Difficulty mod. This mod makes changes to the world spawns, enemy statistics, as well as pawn and enemy AI, increasing the difficulty so that players will have to fight harder to survive. This mod does not affect dungeons, only the overworld.

Utilizing this mod will make surviving Grandys a lot harder with additional hidden enemies and bosses, as well as making it even deadlier at night when you’re without your lantern.

Remove The Arisen Chest Scar

Players take on the role of the “Arisen”, the one chosen by the dragon at the beginning of the game to have their heart ripped out, yet they survive due to their link with the beast. This means that throughout the rest of the game, the protagonist is sporting a rather hefty chest scar.

If players want a cosmetic change to get rid of the scar, they can simply mod it away with the Remove The Arisen Chest Scar mod.

Easy Clothing Inventory ID

The Easy Clothing Inventory ID mod offers players the extra convenience of being able to more readily differentiate between the clothing in their inventory without having to manually hover over them, saving plenty of time and effort.

There are two different versions available, one that offers a more subtle blue glow, and the other with a stronger glow, depending on player choice. This mod is ideal for new players but is also suited to long-term players just for convenience purposes.

DDDA Japanese VoiceOver Project

Many current games will give players the option to switch between their local language and Japanese if they wish to. Regrettably, Dragon’s Dogma doesn’t offer this, likely due to its age, but players can manually add in the voices themselves with the DDDA Japanese VoiceOver Project mod.

Installing this mod will give the characters and NPCs their Japanese voice actors, as well as lipsyncing. There are a couple of lines that remain in English, in particular for the female voice 4 option, but this mod is still a great addition overall.


One of the greatest aspects of the Dragon’s Dogma gameplay is being able to jump onto some of the larger enemies, holding onto them while your stamina allows, and stabbing them as you do so. There are some great moments within the game where this mechanic works with flying beasts, leaving players holding on for dear life, and hoping their stamina doesn’t deplete.

However, to maximize your jump range you can install the Jump mod, which increases your jump height by 1.6 times. This is particularly helpful when exploring, as well as for attacking those larger-than-life foes.

Don’t Blind Me

A pet peeve for many gamers is when magic use or other bright lights within the game impede your actual gameplay because of their blinding effects. This is especially annoying during boss-fights when you don’t see an AOE attack because of it. The Don’t Blind Me mod aims to resolve this issue by offering different levels of light reduction.

This mod affects spells and skills, as well as weapon enchantments and lanterns carried by characters, allowing players to adventure without missing out on anything because of blinding lights.

No Carry Limit and/or Sprint Stamina adjustments

Though inventory/carry limits are common within RPGs, it doesn’t make them any more likable to players. The same can be said of stamina gauges, limiting how long you can sprint for due to your stamina levels.

If players want to remove these annoyances from their gameplay, they can install the No Carry Limit and/or Sprint Stamina adjustments. This mod gives the option of cutting the stamina cost by half or removing it entirely. Additionally, players can increase their weight limit to 10,000.

Gransys Texture Improvement Project

If players want to add a fresh touch to their journey in Gransys, the Gransys Texture Improvement Project mod is a perfect choice. The mod aims to improve most of the landscape and architectural textures within the game, presenting a more detailed experience for players.

Regrettably, this mod is no longer in development and will not be finished, but as it stands it is still a worthy addition to your game. Originally, the creator planned to overhaul many more textures.

Resonant ENB

As Dragon’s Dogma isn’t the youngest game out there, it’s not surprising that it could do with a little polish. Fortunately for players, the Resonant ENB mod gives the game that extra special finish they’ve been looking for.

The mod adds in filmic tone mapping and high-quality ambient occlusion to give a more immersive feel for players, as well as adding in subtle bloom and lens effects too. There is also additional dithering added to fix banding issues on darker objects. All features other than the dithering are optional, so players can customize what they want.

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