Borderlands 3 Dev Accidentally Streams Game Playthrough

With only a little over a month left before 3‘s release, there’s no doubt that the hype train is at full steam, and Gearbox Software appears to be doing some of its final testing on the game. Case in point: Gearbox was recently testing Borderland 3‘s Twitch social features, via a channel with a jibberish name, and this ultimately turned into a 4-hour game playthrough streamed directly to Twitch.

The 3 test channel was named 0i0ziesklofy4skgvi49if7xy, and the stream was appropriately titled, “Today, we make stuff work! Hooray!” While the channel name certainly suggests that the stream was meant to pass by unnoticed, some fans discovered it and were able to grab screenshots before the stream was taken down. These screens showcase the early stages of the game and include, but are not limited to, Marcus Kincaid’s intro (presumably), the character select screen, a siren message from Lilith, and perhaps most importantly, one of FL4K’s skill trees.

As seen below, the screenshots primarily cover things already known about 3, such as the stat screen for Moze the Gunner. However, there is new information here, the biggest of which comes by way of a glimpse at FL4K’s skill tree. There has been very little revealed about the Beastmaster class thus far, and while the quality of the image isn’t the best, it specifically gives a detailed look at the Jabber Sidekick skill.

This skill gives FL4K the Beastmaster control of a Jabber, which appears to be a new furry bi-pedal creature. It comes armed with a pistol, and while Jabber is active, FL4K’s movement speed is increased by +5.0%. FL4K can also issue an order for the Jabber to attack, which will see it throw a radioactive barrel at enemies. This ability definitely makes the new Borderlands 3 creature stand out from other classes’ summonable companions, and it is exciting to know that FL4K actually has multiple summons.

Furthermore, Borderlands 3 fans have managed to find over 50 similar encrypted channels, but this is the only one that has streamed a playthrough. Perhaps there’s another channel just floating around out there, waiting to spill more details on FL4K the Beastmaster, but for the time being, fans will have to be sated with these new screenshots.

Borderlands 3 launches September 13 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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