Borderlands 3 Update Finally Makes Menus Less Sluggish

3 got a big today that, among a bunch of other additions, makes the game’s system less hellishly slow.

When Gearbox’s loot shooter came out in September, it had a lot of performance issues. Split-screen was a mess, the frame-rate frequently dropped, the inventory system would occasionally eat people’s gear, and most surprisingly, the menus felt really, really laggy. Thanks to today’s patch, though, those stuttery menus are no more. At least for the most part.

The improvements were instantly noticeable on PS4 when I dipped back into the game today. While I did see one list of guns still waiting to fully populate as I rapidly swapped around my inventory, the game no longer comes to a creaking halt when you try to pull up the map or bring up the skill tree to allocate points.

It’s not perfect, and Gearbox said in the patch notes that it’s still planning on implementing additional menu fixes down the road. Still, simple things like picking up a new gun, deciding what to swap out, and then checking how far I am from the objective marker on the map no longer take me out of the regular flow of the game.

The update also added a new endgame activity called “Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite,” as well as a fourth level of Mayhem, additional bank space for loot, dedicated loot pools for bosses, and a bunch more vending machine locations so you’re not constantly having to throw away loot to make room for new stuff instead of selling it.


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