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on armor and weapons are undergoing a big change in 2 with the Forsaken expansion and the game’s Year 2. Developer has previously discussed how mods will have a larger impact on weapons and armor by, in essence, letting players attach an additional perk to their weapons and armor. But since the developer’s stream where it touched on these changes, players have had a lot of questions about the specifics of the new mod system. In the developer’s weekly blog, Bungie answered many of them.

Where to find mods

Bungie says that all exotic armor drops, including Year 1 exotics, will have a chance to drop with a mod attached. Legendary armor also has a chance to come with a mod, but at a much smaller chance. Weapons and armor that are bought at vendors will not come with mods equipped.

The other main place to get mods is from the Gunsmith. Players will be able to purchase armor and weapon mods (which will update on a daily basis) directly from Banshee-44 using mod components, which come from dismantling mods. Year 1 Legendary mods and Year 2 mods are guaranteed to drop one mod component when dismantled, while Year 1 Rare mods have a small chance to drop a mod component when dismantled.

How to remove mods

Bungie mentioned previously that players would be able to remove and reuse mods, but did not detail exactly how. Removing a mod from a piece of armor or weapon will require the dismantling of that item. The armor or weapon will be gone, but the mod will come off of it and be added to the player’s inventory, and able to be slotted into other armor or weapons. If players want to keep the armor or weapon that dropped but want a different mod in it, they can slot in a new mod, which will delete and replace the starting mod.

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What happens to Year 1 mods

Year 1 mods will be retired as of Update 2.0 on August 28, but players who have a lot of Year 1 mods will be able to dismantle them for mod components, thus giving them a head start when it comes to buying new Year 2 mods. In fact, the official word from Bungie is that it is safe to go ahead now and dismantle any Year 1 mods. The mod components that drop from them is what will be used later to buy Year 2 mods.

Also, except for a small list of weapons, whichever elemental mods that are slotted into players’ current Year 1 weapons will be locked into that weapon for good as of August 28. Year 1 armor mods will stay slotted into players’ armor but they will be deactivated and stop granting any extra bonus, with Year 2 armor mods being able to be put on both Year 1 and Year 2 armor.

There are a lot of changes coming to Destiny 2 with Update 2.0 and the Forsaken expansion, and players will want to prepare before they launch.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases on September 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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