Bungie Director Addresses the Future of Destiny

franchise director, Luke Smith, has made clear that ’s lies with the sci-fi series.

Following Bungie’s split from its publisher, Smith has posted on the company website, thanking Activision and other development partners for their help on the series so far, before detailing the short and long-term plans for the series.

In the short term, Bungie’s “continuing to build the content we’ve promised for the Annual .” Smith acknowledges criticism of the last expansion’s high Power requirement, going on to say, “we want to find the line between new content that many players can , and aspirational content for players to progress toward. We’re exploring improvements to catch-up mechanics for players in upcoming seasons.”

Smith is more tight-lipped about the longer term thinking, but makes clear that “Bungie is committed to Destiny. We created the universe and we hold its future entirely in our hands.”

Interestingly, he also explains that “the vast majority” of Bungie is working on future Destiny content – perhaps the minority left over is working on something brand new?

That’ll be a question we have to ponder on for now, but our own Fireteam Chat team has opinions on what the split means for Destiny and Bungie as a whole.

Bungie Director Addresses the Future of Destiny 1

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