Bungie Drops a Destiny 2 Story Bombshell in New Update

Destiny 2 Uldren Alive

With the newest update of 2, many players took to Nessus in order to unlock the next forge. However, cleverly snuck a huge development in The Dreaming City. If you want to discover this very big moment without any spoilers just go visit the Queen this week via your Oracle Offering and interact with the table on the left.

———————–Warning Story Spoilers Below!!!!!!———————–

Still here? Previously, every three weeks players have ventured to the Queen's Ascendant Plane to visit and talk to her. Bungie has been using this moment to pepper in small story details, but this week we not only got a fully animated cutscene but a bombshell of a story development.

Uldren Sov, the Awoken Prince who murdered Cayde-6, is back from the grave. In the brief cutscene, we see a Ghost make its way to the final rest place of this man and scan his body. What follows is the Ghost making Uldren Sov a Guardian! That's right, the man who was corrupted and killed everyone's favorite Hunter has been resurrected as a Guardian.

This is a massive moment in Destiny 2's story and it opens up so many questions about where this game's story is going. Our best guess is Uldren will become the new Hunter Vanguard since that position is now vacant. Since Uldren killed Cayde-6, he won “Cayde-6's Dare” which makes him to new vanguard. Additionally, when you are resurrected your memories are wiped, so there's a big chance Uldren doesn't even remember what happened.

If you are going to do anything this week go visit Mara Sov.

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