Bungie Wants Destiny 2 Strikes to Be More Valuable in Shadowkeep

Out of all of its content, 2 has the most unique relationship with its Strikes. As repeatable missions, Strikes are supposed to be the lifeblood of the Destiny 2 grind but over time interest in them typically declines. For Destiny 2 Year 3, Bungie hopes to bring that value back to Strikes for the long term.

In a new lengthy interview with PC Gamer, Destiny 2 director Luke Smith and General Manager Mark Noseworthy discuss the future of Bungie’s game without Activision. The discussion ranges from talk of Destiny 2 as a hobby, not just some other game on the shelf to giving players regular content by way of the new Annual Pass.

But one area that Bungie sees as lacking in Destiny 2 is Strikes. Specifically, Luke Smith says that there are not enough reasons to complete Strikes in an effort to boost power.
“We want powerful sources to feel like big, important, efficient uses of your time. We want Strikes to always be valuable. I think even in the game today, at the studio, there’s broad acknowledgement that Strikes aren’t as valuable as they could be. Not enough reason to play them.”

As it stands now, Destiny 2 players will complete their Daily Strike and their 3 weekly Strikes and then focus on other activities for the week. Completing Strikes in order to obtain Pinnacle Weapons is still part of the equation, sure, but Strikes are not considered the biggest part of the Destiny 2 grind.

While Smith would not say how Bungie plans to make Strikes more valuable, it sounds as though we may be headed towards an approach that mirrors the earlier days of Destiny. In those days, the rewards at the end of Strikes had a chance to be an upgrade to a player’s power level, albeit a small one.

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Smith and Noseworthy do call out the grind of Destiny 2 in the interview, saying that the goal is not to send players back to the Dreaming City for their power level increases. Post-Forsaken, the Dreaming City was still a viable way to gain some power level increases, but only small upgrades instead of big ones. Typically, Bungie tries to steer players towards the new content, like the Menagerie in Season of Opulence, in order to gain power.

With the Annual Pass and a plan for a drawn out content release plan, Bungie may change how power is acquired but at the same time it is looking at ways to make its core content more enticing. Fans will see in what form that takes when Destiny 2: releases this September.

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