Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Players Concerned About ‘No Recoil Mod’

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players video shows the effect of a recoil reduction mod that can be used in LAN competitive play.

Hackers and cheaters are still prominent within Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Players are being gunned down unfairly due to map exploits, straight up hacks, or modded controllers. One new mod that has appeared in Modern Warfare has many fans about the game’s future. After a video demonstrating the controller input mod was posted, fans became shocked at the results. The advantage gained when this mod is in effect could severely damage the competitive community.

The video shows the Cronus Anti- mod in effect. As two guns fire side by side, one shows the true recoil of the weapon, where players can see the bullet line drifting up as the gun continues to fire. Meanwhile, the modded input shows a steady rate of fire hitting an exact point on the wall. This instant accuracy boost is what the game’s community is concerned about, especially if it becomes common in the competitive world.

The tool results in almost every gun having a zero recoil due to artificial adjustment. Devices like this have been used in competitive LAN environments when installed with the Cronus Max. Although the device’s intention is to prevent Bluetooth interference, the device can have much larger effects.

Cheaters or hackers can mod the Cronus Max with what are known as “Strike Packs.” These mods can impact the game directly, be it reducing recoil or increasing the fire rate of a weapon. This same effect can be achieved with a good loadout or attachment set up in Warzone and Modern Warfare, but this mod does the change artificially, resulting in an unfair advantage for some players.

One of the main issues is that there is little to no way to tell if someone is using these mods or are simply good at the game. It is common for players to learn how to compensate for recoil and “beam” an enemy down with constant aggressive fire. It becomes even more difficult to detect the mod when applied to online matches. This is a local input-device change, so it would not appear in the game’s code or the player’s device.

Since 2016, competitive players have revealed the true purpose of the Cronus Max. The machine mods the controller inputs and allows a player to cheat. Although it does have a practical purpose in helping reduce Bluetooth interference, its primary mission is still to augment input devices. With next-gen consoles getting closer, the future of the Cronus device might be diminishing but the fact still remains that developers have very little they can do against these mods being used.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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