Brie Larson Reacts to Captain Marvel Skin in Fortnite

The big draw of the Fortnite Marvel Royalty and Warriors pack was obviously Black Panther as he’s been a character many players have been waiting for, and even the trailer was largely about him.

However, there were actually two other skins included with the bundle with Captain Marvel and Taskmaster coming along.

These are seemingly set to be the last Marvel skins coming to the game for a while considering Season 4 has long concluded and there really aren’t that many more heroes to choose from to add, with the exception of Spider-Man, of course.

Even if you weren’t one of the players excited for a Captain Marvel , there is one prominent name out there who was and it’s Brie Larson herself.

Captain Marvel Meets Captain Marvel

It didn’t take long for the Captain Marvel actress to log into Fortnite on her Switch and purchase the bundle.

As far as we know, she seems to be the only MCU star who actively plays video games and was excited to pick up their style in Fortnite.

For those out of the loop, Larson is a pretty big gamer in her own right, and as evidenced by her V-Bucks count, she’s a fan of Fortnite. In fact, she’s talked in-depth about her love for Epic’s battle royale in the past.

Brie Loves Fortnite

During the Season 4 Nexus War event, she already mentioned how much she loved seeing all of the heroes roaming around.

Now, we don’t exactly know how much time she spends players, but we do know she keeps up with things enough to know that a Captain Marvel skin is actually in the game.

Although the skin doesn’t have her likeness, as is the case with most of the cosmetics in the game, it’s still hard to not be excited to see a character you play being brought to life in a game you play.

The Marvel Royalty and Warriors bundle is out now, but you’ll have to spend real money instead of V-Bucks to snag it for yourself.

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