Clix Fortnite Settings, Keybinds and Setup

is among the most-played games and surely offers a great experience. Compete with other players and stand last by defeating all your enemies or create your Island to play as per your rules. Or you can simply play on the island created by your friends or other players. Also, fight against the monsters together with other players to save the world. You can experience all this in Fortnite.

Moreover, you can now also play Fortnite Crossover which enables different users on different platforms to play together. The game is now available on different platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, PC, and Xbox.

Fortnite Games

Fortnite features many games within a single title. These games are launched by both Epic games and different other creators on the platform. Majorly, these games are Zero Build, Creative games, Save the World, and Battle Royale.

Here's a glimpse of all these games below.

Zero Build

This game is all about Weapons and abilities. The game works in the same way as Battle Royale but there are no buildings present. For protection, you can use the recharging over shield.

Save The World

Come together and fight the monsters. In this game, along with other players, you will have to protect the world from all the monsters [also called Husks]. In this game, you can make yourself strong by creating weapons for yourself, increasing your

Hero's collection, and collecting loot.

You can play it with your friends as well as members of the community. Buy the save the world pack from the Fortnite website and play this game.


As the name suggests, this game is all about your creativity and imagination. Create an island for yourself and play there with your friends. You can also play other games created by other creators and also, take some ideas.

Battle Royale

Well, everyone is aware of this mode. Land on the island and fight for your survival till the end of the game. Or simply team up with your friends and beat other teams. Here you can use wood, metal, bricks and other material to create a building for your protection.

You will always get something new in the game like-new vehicles, special events, weapons, Seasons, and modes. With every new season comes a new theme.

Clix Keybinds

When it comes to clix settings for his keyboard, he usually prefers to keep the settings default. However, he has made some noticeable changes in his two primary settings. These are rotated building and wall settings, and he has kept them near his movement settings to get easy access to the keys.

Here's how Clix configures his keybinds.

  • Stairs: Q
  • Use: E
  • Floor: X
  • Wall: F
  • Trap: T
  • Crouch: C
  • Map: M
  • Inventory: I
  • Building edit: G
  • Pyramid: V
  • Reload or rotate building: M
  • Weapon 1: 2
  • Weapon 3: 4
  • Harvesting tool: 1
  • Weapon 4: 5
  • Weapon 2: 3
  • Spring by default: on
  • Weapon 5: 6
  • HUD Scale: 96%

Clix Mouse Settings

So, the next is his mouse settings. The most noticeable thing in his gaming mouse settings is that he has kept the polling rate at 500 Hz. This may be an aggressive setting for some people as it can increase the latency rate.

His other settings include:

  • X-axis sensitivity: 8.7%
  • Polling rate: 500 Hz
  • Y-axis sensitivity: 6.3%
  • DPI: 800
  • Targeting sensitivity: 90.9%

Clix Video Settings

So, by far, you are aware of how Clix configures his game settings. Here, we are going to discuss what gaming setup Clix  Fortnite uses.

Check out his gaming setup below.


Clix prefers using the FinalMouse Air58 Ninja Mouse. The mouse is very lightweight and weighs only 58 grams. Because of this, it is pretty easy for Clix to manage his mouse and get the required speed. This makes it easy for him to participate in different competitive games.

Here are some of the top features of the mouse:

Very lightweight

  • Every mouse has hand-painted Haiku scrolls.
  • The mouse's ergonomic design enables players to use it for long hours.
  • The scroll wheel is made better and offers more durability.


Clix Fortnite uses the GK61 Mechanical Gaming keyboard. This is a tenkeyless keyboard that most gamers prefer, and it offers them more movement space, and less distance between the mouse and keyboard enhances the player's speed.

Here are other exciting features of the keyboard.

  • The keyboard features a complete RGB backlit. It features 16.8 million combinations that you can adjust as per the aesthetics of your setup.
  • It has a fast response time, making it great for fast and advanced gaming.
  • The keyboard is dust and spill-resistant, keeping your keyboard safe from accidental spills while playing.
  • It is a highly compatible keyboard and works well on Mac and Windows.


When it comes to recording videos, Clix prefers Logitech HD Pro Webcam. This allows him to record even low and dim lights and offers a 1080p resolution.

The additional features of this webcam include:

  • It has built-in dual stereo mics, which offer automatic noise reduction.
  • It is highly compatible with Windows and works in a USB device class with Mac.
  • Other than this, it offers complete HD recording, and you can set the maximum resolution at 1080p/30 fps.
  • It also comes up with a 5 feet long cable.


Like many other streamers, Clix Fortnite also uses Alienware AW2518H because of the high refresh rate that it has to offer. Also, it offers a response time of 1 ms, which allows the player to react faster in the game.

Some additional features of this mouse include:

  • The monitor offers excellent style and stability, and it is compatible with all kinds of operating systems.
  • The AMD FreeSync ensures smooth gameplay.
  • It has an adjustable stand that you can adjust according to your convenience.
  • Also, the keyboard has a refresh rate of 240Hz, which fixes the latency issues.


Lastly, for the Clix mouse, he prefers HyperX QudCast. The mic offers excellent sound clarity, so the audience can clearly hear Clix's voice without background noises.

All additional features of the mouse include:

  • There are four selectable polar sensors offered in the mic that you can choose from.
  • The mount adapter is also provided.
  • A mute sensor is also provided that you can tap on to mute the device.
  • It also offers a chat program and multiple device compatibility.

Winding Up

So, not only knowing Clix's settings and setup will help you play like him, but you also need to practise all the time like him. We hope this post has helped you.

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