Death Stranding: How to Unlock Vehicles

Death , the latest game by legendary developer Hideo Kojima, is set amid the ruins of a supernatural apocalypse, where humanity’s last colonies struggle to survive. Holding them together are the Bridges, porters who brave otherworldly oddities and cult-like bandits to deliver supplies to the people that endured the titular Death Stranding.

As one of these porters, the protagonist Sam Bridges spends a great deal of the game crossing the vast open-world with packages to deliver, and although its possible to do it on foot, having a vehicle can make the journey much easier. The first such vehicle that players have access to can be acquired as part of the game’s second Episode, here’s how to get it, as well as track down more over the course of the story.

Some Assembly Required

The first vehicle that Sam Bridges comes across is a run-down Reverse Trike motorcycle, the same that he was riding in the game’s opening cutscene. Unfortunately, the battery is dead and until it can be replaced the bike is useless.

While the game doesn’t present the solution immediately, over the course of Death Stranding‘s second Episode players will their Portable Chiral Constructor, a kind of 3D printer that uses the Chiral Network to create items, as well as a blueprint for a battery charging generator. Once these two have been acquired, all players need to do is produce the generator, re-charge the bike, and it’s good to go.

A New Ride

Once Episode 2 has been completed it’ll be possible to find more vehicles in Death Stranding‘s open-world. Reverse Trike motorcycles can be found most reliably in garages at locations that have been connected to the Chiral Network. They may need repairs to get them running again, but with the help of the PCC this shouldn’t prove much of a challenge.

MULE trucks on the other hand are a lot trickier to acquire, though the benefits for owning one can be immense. MULE are the antagonists of Death Stranding, a bandit gang who steal packages and then deliver them in the porter’s place for their own reasons. To acquire one of their trucks players must sneak into a MULE camp and hijack it, before safely escaping with their prize. The trucks can carry a significant amount of cargo, making them ideal for the later-game missions that require players to move large quantities at once.

Death Stranding is out now for PS4, with a PC release to follow in the summer of 2020.


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