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2 should be warned: there is a with the game that can them out of their account. The only occurs under very specific circumstances but it’s better for to be aware and prevent it then to lose access to their account.

The bug is tied to the random bounties that can unlock when completing other bounties or dismantling gear. For clans, there is a perk that will unlock an additional bounty when completing a bounty. And then there are the blue bounties that can unlock any time a player dismantles gear.

Under normal circumstances, an extra bounty is useful but if a player earns one while their pursuits are full the bounty will go to the postmaster. And if that bounty can expire and does while in the postmaster, the player will lose access to that character. Anytime they try to log in as that character, Destiny 2 will return a weasel error.

Moreover, the locked-out character will impact a player’s other , if they have multiple classes. Any other will lose access to third party apps and for gear transfer or stat-tracking.

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It’s a very small use case but one that players should be aware of. Most players won’t have a full pursuits tab but those who might be working on a ton of bounties at once could have this happen. Or perhaps someone is holding on to a bunch of bounties in the hopes of carrying progress over past the reset.

Whatever the case, if a bounty unlocks and it does go to the postmaster, retrieve it as soon as possible. And if it isn’t possible to retrieve the bounty then dismantle it, lest it expires and locks that character.

According to Bungie, the next Destiny 2 update on October 16th should fix this problem, but that fix is a week away. Losing out on character progress for a full reset – or longer for those that have already experienced the bug – is hardly ideal.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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