Destiny 2 Empyrean Foundation Does Not Unlock a New Mission

2 players are well on their way to donating a staggering 9,777,777,700 polarized fractiline to the Tower Obelisk in exchange for a yet to be named reward. Considering how much time and effort some  2 fans have dedicated to this quest, many are understandably expecting the prize to be something significant, like a new mission. While Bungie is still keeping tight-lipped on what exactly the big reward will be, we do know that it won’t be a mission.

This was confirmed by Bungie community manager dmg04, who was talking to some fans about the 2 Empyrean event on Twitter. In this Twitter thread, it was revealed that fans will get the final Triumph required for Savior as well as a unique Shader when they redeem the Triumph immediately upon the Empyrean Foundation event completion. One fan added, “and the mission wink wink,” but dmg04 responded to that comment saying that the Empyrean Foundation will not unlock a new mission and fans should keep their expectations in check.

Fans have had a mixed response to this revelation. Additional comments on the thread include people expressing their disappointment, whereas others appear to be in denial, thinking that dmg04 is lying about the Empyrean Foundation event not unlocking a new mission. Others still have taken dmg04’s comment to mean that the Empyrean Foundation event will unlock a new mission, just not right when players manage to complete it.

Whatever the case may be, Destiny 2 fans won’t know for sure what the Empyrean Foundation event will unlock until they manage to donate enough polarized fractiline to the Tower Obelisk. Luckily, dedicated Destiny 2 players are nearing this goal and should reach it sooner rather than later, so fans won’t have to speculate about it much longer.

The reaction to the Empyrean Foundation event reward may impact whether or not Bungie hosts similar events in the future. If fans react negatively, then Bungie may avoid having such a long, community event in the game. If there is a positive reaction to the reward, Bungie may do similar events as a way to keep players engaged with the game.

It will be exciting to see what the Empyrean Foundation event reward is, but as dmg04 says, fans should keep their expectations in check and try not to get over-hyped.

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