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During this week’s Bungie livestream, Destiny 2’s sandbox team showed off several upcoming changes to the sandbox leading up to Forsaken. One of the new changes comes in the form of mods, which will be getting an overhaul when Forsaken launches. Today, Bungie showcased the weapon mods that players will get to equip to tailor their guns to a specific gameplay style. Here are all of the mods that were showcased during the Destiny 2 livestream.

Stat Mods

The first handful of mods all deal with improving the guns base statistics.

  • Backup Mag increases the magazine size to whatever gun it is equipped on.
  • Freehand Grip increases accuracy and ready speed while firing from the grip.
  • Icarus Grip improves airborne accuracy, which will pair well with the revamped Better Devils.
  • Counterbalance Stock reduces recoil deviation for the weapon, much like the Counterbalance perk from Destiny.

destiny 2 forsaken mod rework system random rolls better devils

Weapon Damage Mods

The next chunk of mods deals with damage. The three mods are Minor Spec, Major Spec, and Boss Spec. As the name implies, these three mods cater to specific enemy types.

  • Minor Spec will specialize in clearing red-bar enemies like Thrall, Goblins, and other low-tier mobs.
  • Major Spec will help players dish out some major damage to yellow-bar enemies.
  • Boss Spec, as one might guess, deals bonus damage to bosses and vehicles. This one will definitely come in handy when squaring off against the Barons.

Weapon Targeting

The last couple mods deal with targeting.

  • Targeting Adjuster gives the weapon better target acquisition, so players can pick off enemies with ease in the new, faster TTK Crucible.
  • Radar Tuner makes it so player radar immediately returns when players stop aiming down sights, which will be handy for those not running Hunters with Knucklehead Radar. However, it won’t be very useful if changes aren’t made to Trials of the Nine since the radar was removed.

Overall, the new mods are vastly superior compared to the current system of mods. These mods essentially allow players to pick an extra perk for their weapons to fine-tune a specific build. Hopefully, players will create some crazy synergistic builds when the new mods launch in Forsaken.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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