Destiny 2 Fan Creates Awesome Trials of Osiris Armor Concepts

At this point, most Destiny 2 players expect Bungie to reveal a new version of of Osiris with the next season, Season of the Worthy. Excitement has blossomed so much that many members of the Destiny 2 community have begun imagining what types of rewards the new Trials of Osiris mode might offer.

Destiny 2 MomoDeary created fan art that imagines the Trials of Osiris set for Season of the Worthy and it's very impressive. Like past Trials sets, this fan creation draws on the Egyptian theme of the mode and rewards while combining some common color palettes and iconography.

The Warlock, Titan, and Hunter designs are all unique but still feature some common themes. Arguably, the Titan is most realistic to something that Bungie could deliver for Season of the Worthy, while the Hunter's armor set seems to deviate the furthest from the studio's general design philosophies. Perhaps if Bungie sees these designs, though, the developers might be inspired to think outside of the box.

That being said, given how much these armor sets deviate from the traditional Destiny 2 “style,” it's unlikely that the Trials of Osiris armor will look anything like this. There are always considerations that players don't usually take into account with their fan designs, like hitboxes and animation, that can affect how outlandish armor can look.

It's nice to imagine what types of armor sets that Bungie could offer, but the studio has kept things relatively similar in recent seasons. In fact, a lot of the latest armor sets for Destiny 2 have either been slightly modified versions of older sets or sets that feature a familiar overall aesthetic. Another PvP mode, Iron Banner, has been guilty of repurposing existing armor sets under the Armor 2.0 system as a way to give players something “new” without actually designing a completely new set of armor.

Some Destiny 2 players expect that Bungie will reuse some of the armor sets from Destiny 1′s Trials of Osiris for the D2 version. Many of those armor pieces were among fans' favorites and it has been long enough that Bungie could bring them back and not face a lot of flak. Then again, the hope is that Bungie will try some new things with Season of the Worthy, especially since Season of Dawn has left some members of the community feeling disappointing or burnt out.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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