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After four weeks in 2: Forsaken’s Dreaming location, are finally beginning to pour out. Each week following the completion of the Last Wish raid, the city has gotten more and more corrupted — filled with Taken enemies. But this week, players have already discovered some serious around the galaxy.

The Dreaming City now has a secret dungeon located in The Confluence, under the Blind Well. The Shattering Throne dungeon takes players into the Ascendant Realm, and pits them against several different encounters, including bosses. The rewards for completing each step of the quest are powerful — meaning they’ll increase the player’s light level significantly.

But more interesting than the powerful rewards, the Shattered Throne appears to be the first step toward earning the Wishender exotic bow. At some point in the Shattered Throne, players run into a statue of Sjur Eido, the original owner of the bow — Wishender also appears to be carved into the statues hands. After interacting with the statue, the Awoken Talisman that players have been carrying around for weeks will mysteriously vanish.

The tracks for the Wishender seems to end here for now, but based on the of the weapon, this is almost certainly the start of something much bigger. This week also re-introduces players to the Awoken Queen, a character Guardians haven’t seen in the flesh since before Destiny’s Taken King expansion — over three years ago.

, Forsaken’s new Gambit mode also has some secrets to discover. As of this week, there is a chance that a Ascendant, Taken Servitor will spawn in as the Primeval at the end of a match. Defeating this boss will reward players with the Corrupted Heart, a quest item that will likely lead to the new Malfeasance hand cannon.

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