Destiny 2: How to Get Thorn Armor Sets Weapon

’s newest content for Destiny 2 has offered players the ability to accumulate weapons and armor that are unique, powerful, and interesting. Some of these items are brand new while others are inspired by traditional pieces from Destiny’s past. Some of the items, however, are inspired by an infamous weapon from Destiny 2 and its predecessor, .

Bungie has been adding fantastic weapons and gear to Destiny 2 during the 2021 calendar year, and the 30th anniversary content is no exception. The Thorn Armor Set is a collection of gear that is both helpful for players, difficult to acquire, and beautifully designed. By purchasing and playing the 30th anniversary pack, Destiny fans can work towards getting the hunter, warlock, or titan versions of the armor.

The Thorn Armor Sets in Destiny 2 can be acquired by playing The Grasp of Avarice dungeon. The dungeon features new enemies and bosses that have never been seen in Destiny. Players will have to complete the dungeon for the chance at a random drop that will grant them items from the Thorn-inspired armor set. The armor is not cosmetic, but rather a full set of gear that players must work toward piece by piece. This can be tedious, especially for newer Destiny players who aren’t accustomed to the gameplay, as well as time consuming.

The Grasp of Avarice itself is one of many excellent dungeons in Destiny 2, however. When players complete the activity and are awarded their armor, though, they are not done. In order to unlock the cosmetic Thorn Armor Set, which would allow players to equip the items to their current gear as an ornament, guardians will have to hunt down all of the items and then use transmog currency from Ada-1 to unlock the ornament companions to the Thorn set of armor. Considering the difficulty of acquiring transmog currency, this process can be extremely hard.

The Thorn Armor Set is a work of art and one of the primary draws of the 30th anniversary pack. Bungie know how to deliver content that players will crave, and that’s exactly what they’ve done with these new items. The anniversary content is not the only new event in Destiny 2, as Bungie has brought back the Dawning, but it is some of the most entertaining and helpful gameplay that fans of Destiny have seen in recent months. And, while the Thorn armor pieces are not the only items available from completing the dungeon, they are certainly the most impressive.

All things considered, Bungie has successfully created content that will be valuable in the story to come. Indeed, as The Witch Queen story DLC gets closer, guardians will need powerful gear now more than ever before.

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