Destiny 2 Makes Change to Proving Grounds Nightfall Access

Bungie opens up access to the Proving Grounds Nightfall to all players, removing the paywall blocking non-season pass owners.

As 2 Season of the Chosen enters the back half of the season, players will likely be grinding to snag any missing loot they have been chasing since it began in February. One such activity is the weekly Nightfall which sees Proving Grounds get its second go-around as players chase that god-roll Shadow Price. However, Bungie made an accessibility change to the strike in an effort to make the strike more widely available for week 10 of 2‘s latest season.

Season of the Chosen saw the Guardians of the Last City face off with Empress Caiatl and the remnants of the Cabal Empire which have arrived in Sol. Guardians must battle Caiatl’s “Chosen” who are seeking spots on her war council while the Empress wishes for the Last City to join the empire to battle common enemies in the pyramid-shaped Black Fleet and Hive forces which conquered the Cabal’s homeworld.

As part of the weekly reset for week 10 of the season, Bungie made player access to the Proving Grounds Nightfall easier. Bungie Help said on Twitter players would only need to own the latest expansion, Beyond Light, in order to access the Proving Grounds Nightfall. This means even if players did not buy Season of the Chosen, they won’t be locked out from running the Nightfall for week 10. However, it will still be locked out for anyone who plays 2’s free option, Destiny 2 New Light.

Since changing to the seasonal model with Destiny 2 Forsaken, Bungie has tried to maintain a fair balance between free, paid expansion, and paid seasonal content. As with many things Destiny, it has been a proverbial “work-in-progress” for Bungie as some seasons delivered and others proved underwhelming. Season of the Chosen appears to have fallen into the former for most hardcore players who praised the Battlegrounds activity, new exotic quest, and overall narrative direction.

That said, the Nightfall lockout proved to be an unforeseen issue for players this season. Proving Grounds was added to the primary strike playlist shortly after season pass holders got their first crack at it earlier in the season. However, players had to have bought Beyond Light and the current season in order to play Proving Grounds during the first time it was the weekly Nightfall strike.

A possible reason for this restriction was the introduction of rotating Nightfall weapons this season for players to grind for, along with adept versions of the weapons via Grandmaster Nightfall. Given this is meant to be top-level endgame loot for PvE players on par with adept Trials of Osiris weapons, it would make sense for Bungie to have some restrictions in place to incentivize anyone playing Destiny 2‘s free option to pay for Beyond Light at the very least.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X.

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