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After a lengthy marathon run of Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Last Wish, Clan Redeem has finally been crowned the World First team to successfully tackle the raid, which means that there are surely a slew of Guardians still struggling to get beyond certain spots. Should this be the case, we have decided to put together a guide to help players clear one of the new raid’s more arduous challenges–the Security , that is.

First, upon reaching the top of the observatory, Destiny 2 players should see a mechanism in the middle of a round room. There will be three glowing blue pressure plates around it. Stand on them, and the mechanism will start turning. After this happens, players will get a debuff dubbed “Vault Security Mechanism”, and once its timer runs out, players will be killed.

Once all of the aforementioned actions have been completed, enemies will start to show up, and Guardians will need to clear out each and every one of them. Be on the lookout for an Eye of Riven, for when it appears, kill it, and grab the Taken Essence orb. Then, run to the central room as fast as possible. The tunnels may be the best bet for travel at this point.


Upon grabbing the orb, Might of Riven enemies ought to spawn, and they will dart directly toward one of the plates. Players will be wiped when these powerful Taken knights reach a plate and slam it with their sword, so the Guardians will need to be on their toes and kill the baddies as soon as possible.

When standing at all the plates, players should notice that they indicate the correct order in which the plates need to be cleansed. Use an orb on the plates to cleanse them, but discuss these symbols with teammates first. Call out the middle symbol, and one of the other plates will also have it. If it’s on the left, then that plate needs to be cleansed with the Penumbra buff. Should it be on the right, it needs a cleansing with the Anthumbra buff. When one of the team members gets the Taken Essence orb, the rest will need to guide them on the correct plate, depending on the buff.

Once all three plates have been cleared, the Vault Security Mechanism timer will reset. Players will then have to redo the puzzle two more times in order to fully clear it.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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