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While much of the 2 population is focused on the new missions and quests that have appeared out of nowhere, there are still some familiar activities to as well. This is now the 4th since the launch of Destiny 2: Forsaken and a new has appeared.

Step 1: Head to Harbinger’s Seclude

To access the Ascendant Challenge, players must head to the zone known as Harbinger’s Seclude, which is in the northern part of Rheasilivia. Head through several hallways before accessing a balcony with a giant statue covered in Taken “goo.”

Upon reaching the statue pop a Tincture of Queensfoil and ascend the footholds to the top. There should be a portal to the Ascendant Plane and the challenge there.

Step 2: Kill the Adds

Inside the Ascendant Plane, players will see a guiding light that they must touch to reveal a pathway to a center platform. At the center platform will be knights surrounding a glowing sword. For now, the knights are immune so don’t worry about them yet.

Kill all of the enemies around the platform using whatever means possible. Prioritize the Wizards since they are capable of dealing the most damage. Once everything is dead, the sword should “unlock” and players can grab it.

Step 3: Use Sword to Kill Knights

With sword and hand, the goal is to kill all of the knights. Depending on the power level of the player it’s important not to get too aggressive, since multiple hits from the knights can kill weaker Guardians. If necessary, wait until the Super charges on the sword and use the shockwave to deal ranged damage.

Step 4: Take Sword to Chest

After the knights are dead a new pathway will appear. DO NOT DROP THE SWORD. Jump from platform to platform clearing out the enemies to make the platforming easier. Upon reaching the next major platform, there should be a chest that will open and complete the Ascendant Challenge for Week 4. It’s very important that the player is holding the sword when they reach the chest, though; it is essential to completing the challenge.

With the challenge complete, Destiny 2 players can collect their loot and complete one of Petra Venj’s weekly bounties.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One

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