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The mod system in 2 has changed for the better since Year 1, essentially letting players boost the stats or behavior of their favorite weapons and armor to make a noticeable difference in gameplay. The new system also introduced Mod Components, which are needed to buy mods from the Gunsmith.

Many hardcore fans who played Year 1 likely went into Forsaken and Year 2 with a hefty collection of Mod Components after dismantling a collection of mods and/or irrelevant weapons and armor. But now that supply is running dry for many, and without any clear-cut way or direct path to get Mod Components in Destiny 2, players have begun finding ingenious farming methods within the game's economy to find more Mod Components. One method takes time but it is the only way players have found to mod components.

The farming method takes advantage of the fact that Mod Components have a chance to drop when dismantling Rare (blue) weapons from Year 1. The first thing players will want to do is to clear their Energy weapon slot, then, go into their Collections tab and find a Rare Energy weapon that they can pull from Collections. Fill up the inventory with nine copies of that same weapon, which will set players back 250 Glimmer and 3 Gunsmith Materials each.

Then dismantle all nine, which players have found will usually give at least one (sometimes two) Mod Components. Also, dismantling each weapon will usually also give 125 Glimmer and 2 Gunsmith Materials back. So for a trade of approximately 1,125 Glimmer and 9 Gunsmith Materials, players can get their hands on one Mod Component. It's a slow but seemingly reliable farm for those desperate for Mod Components.

Another method players have discovered involves buying hundreds of Simulation Seeds (Mercury's destination material) from Spider on the Tangled Shore when they are available in Spider's inventory. Then fly to Mercury and turn them into Brother Vance.

Leveling up with Brother Vance tends to turn out an unusually high number of Year 1 Legendary Masterwork gear. Dismantling those will give both Masterwork Cores and Mod Components, with the additional chance of Mod Components dropping from all that gear in general. In a similar way as the Collections method above, players will get back the majority of their Legendary Shards and Glimmer spent on the Simulation Seeds by the time they are finished dismantling.

So, for those desperate for Mod Components, these are two good ways to farm them. It may take a while to gather a large quantity, but these are reliable ways until developer Bungie decides (if Bungie decides) to add a more direct way to get these materials in-game.

Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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