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Last week, 2: Forsaken arrived and so far the expansion seems to not only be living up to the hype but rejuvenating the fanbase as well. Along with a revenge-fueled storyline, the expansion adds two new destinations to the game with the Tangled Shore and the Dreaming City, a high-level zone that becomes available once the campaign has ended, offering new content and events. Just like other areas in the game, public events also take place here and after performing a certain action, they can be turned into heroic activities.

One of the new Destiny 2 public event activities is called and it can be found within The Strand. Essentially, this is a wave defense mission tasking players to keep a generator safe from waves of enemies like Taken or Scorn. Here’s how to start the event and how to turn it heroic.

Getting Started

To boot up the generator, players need to first find an abomination that drops an arc charge once defeated. One player needs to pick up the orb and run it back to the generator to boot it up. At this point, waves of enemies will start to appear, first from in front of the generator, and then from the right or left sides. At this point, players simply need to defend the core from enemies and hold out until the timer runs out.

Keep in mind that killing more abominations drops new arc charges that can be brought back to the generator to essentially heal any damage it has received.

Make It Heroic

In order to trigger the heroic modifier, players will need to target and destroy Taken Blight that randomly appears during the event. These can occur in any of the three lanes in the event, to the front, left, or right. Once enough have been destroyed, a new Blight will appear over the middle generator along with three wizards. Once all three have been destroyed, players will be warped to the Ascendant Plane to begin the heroic event.

In this shadow realm, the objective is simple: defeat the waiting boss character. While the battle is fairly straightforward, when the boss goes immune to damage, start clearing out the adds that continue to spawn during this phase. Once defeated, players are kicked back out to The Strand where a treasure awaits.

One thing to note is that these events start at a minimum of 540 power, so making sure to have a team or at least other players helping is essential.

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Destiny 2: Forsaken is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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